February 16, 2015

LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE (New with Pockets)

I think babywearing is pretty much necessary with a baby, and especially if you have more than one. I've tried many carriers, and the LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE is absolutely the best. The added features on the redesigned one make it even better... If that was even possible. 

What I like:
•Comfortable: I can wear this for hours and still be feeling pretty good.
•Shoulder straps: the shoulder straps are so nice and padded that you pretty much don't feel them, even with a big kid.
•Airflow: living in Arizona, this nice breathable mesh is a must for most of the year. And it is so soft too!
•Pocket: the added pocket is amazing! Being able to ditch the diaper bag and throw a few essentials in there is a life saver.
•Bonding: having my babies close and snuggly is a great opportunity to have some one on one time and experience the world together. (It also discourages strangers from unwanted touching).

•Quality: this carrier is great quality, and the company and customer service are excellent.
•New dual adjusting straps: allows you to easily adjust with it on the front or back.
•Long-lasting: this isn't that expensive swing that will be outgrown in 6 months. It can be used for tiny babies all the way up to big toddlers, making it well worth the investment.
•Options: the LÍLLÉbaby can be used in so many different ways. Facing in, facing out, hip, back, neck support up, neck support down, straps crossed... The list goes on, and I love not being stuck using it one way.

What I don't like:
The fact that I can't have one of each of them! Seriously there is nothing I don't like.

I highly recommend the LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE. 

There is always room for two in my heart, but not always in my arms, and LÍLLÉbaby helps me be there for both of them.

February 13, 2015

Sunbaby Cloth Diapers

I've been interested in cloth diapers from the beginning because disposable diapers are so expensive, but I was afraid to do it because it seemed too nasty, and the startup costs were too high. Why use cloth diapers if the initial stash costs as much as a whole year of disposables? Well, after buying diapers for two kids for 5 months I revisited the idea more seriously and found a very budget friendly option. Sunbaby diapers! 

(*I have actually started using Flour Sack Towels instead of inserts, and I think they work better, and wash and dry much easier. Plus they are really cheap, less than $1 a piece)
Sunbaby diapers are made and ship directly from China, so they are much cheaper. This doesn't mean they are horrible though, in fact, I really like them. They are pocket diapers which means they have a pocket you stuff an insert into. So far cloth diapering has been quite pleasant, no blowouts, and minimal leaks (generally from not changing soon enough, or things not situated well, but basically just a small amount of moisture, so no big deal). They fit well, are good quality, look nice, and wash up well. 

If you've been thinking about trying cloth diapers, give it a go! These are cheap enough to pay for themselves fairly quickly (especially if you are planning on having several kids). I'm not sure what the costs of washing them are yet, but I highly doubt its more than the cost of disposables. And if you are in to saving the planet there's that benefit too wink emoticon 

February 11, 2015

KidCo Angle Mount Safeway Gate

 When we bought our house it was set up perfectly to block kids from the kitchen and the bedrooms/bathrooms, but the space in the kitchen between the wall and the counter meant I needed a gate that could mount at an angle. I am so glad this was the case, because it led me to find the best baby gates ever!

The KidCo Angle Mount Safeway Gate is the way to go, whether you need to mount a gate at an angle, straight, the top of stairs, or anywhere! This gate truly can be opened with one hand (which if you have kids is 100% necessary), looks nice, and is very sturdy (my toddler stands on it all the time).

 This gate has some really cool features, like the ability to easily take it off the wall if you want it out of the way temporarily. And it can be mounted/adjusted in a variety of ways to get around any obstacles you might have (Trim, etc.), and be adjusted to fit just about any space (just not a super huge one).

 I love how wide this gate opens, allowing you to fit through while carrying car seats, kids, and anything else. And it can open both ways, or be locked to only open one direction (like at the top of stairs). It's also fairly easy to figure out, so even guests are able to use it easily.

The only con's with this gate is that it's a little hard to install, and the instructions aren't too clear, but it is totally worth it. It is also hardware mounted, which means you do have to put holes in your wall, but that's the way to go if you want a gate that works, and doesn't have the tripping hazard bar at the bottom).

 If you want a good, sturdy, easy to use gate that will last, here it is!