May 8, 2015

Mayfair Child/Adult Toilet Seat

Before having kids I saw lots of different potty seats people would use, and all of them seemed gross, or a pain. I was so glad to find out there was something like this, and I knew I had to have it when my kids started using the potty. 

 The Mayfair Child/Adult Toilet Seat makes life with a potty training kid so much easier! Instead of having bulky/ugly potty seats/chairs sitting around your bathroom, it's basically no different than a regular toilet seat. Since it is attached, it's always right where you need it, on the toilet. The seat is held up with a magnet that is strong and secure, but little kids can still pull it down when needed.

The Adult toilet seat is good quality, and after over a year of use I have no complaints. The whole thing is easy to clean, looks nice, and has held up really well. My daughter feels safe using the toilet all by herself, and it has made potty training a lot more pleasant :)

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