May 27, 2015


       I didn't really get into babywearing with my first baby, and I really regret it now. I was given a Bjorn, and although it worked ok for the first few months, it quickly became uncomfortable. And for some reason babywearing all the time just didn't occur to me.
       I spent many hours walking around stores, holding a crying baby while pushing the car seat in the shopping cart. I went through the airport pushing an empty stroller while juggling a 20 pound 1 year old. Getting things done around the house when you have a baby that just wants to be held is very difficult, and there were many things that just seemed impossible to do with a baby, like hiking, or going somewhere on my own. Why? Because most babies want to be held, some more than others, but babies just like being close to their parents. Which is understandable, the world's a kinda scary place.

       When I got pregnant the second time I really started looking into more comfortable baby carriers. I ended up ordering one and we used it with my toddler even before the baby came. Once we had a second baby girl in our lives there was new joy, but also new challenges. How do you fit both a toddler and a newborn in a shopping cart? How do you take your toddler to play at the park with a crawling 6 month old? How do you take 2 young kids through the airport, or travel alone with a baby? The answer to all of these potential problems is babywearing. Babywearing has made my life SO much easier.

       I don't think my second baby has ever really been unhappy while shopping or out and about because she has always been snuggled securely against me. Even in the most foreign places she's been able to stay happily close to what's familiar to her, her mom.

We LOVE our LILLEbaby Complete & CarryOn
       So, to my main point. Babywearing=freedom. Freedom to get off the sidewalk and take the path less traveled. Freedom to take a 1 and 2 year old hiking, to the zoo, through the airport, in the snow, to the store, and anywhere else we want to go. Freedom to let your baby nap anywhere, be comfortable, happy, and content in almost every situation. Freedom to take your baby just about anywhere and do just about anything.

       Babywearing=happy kids, and I love all of the snuggles I get to enjoy while exploring the world with them nice and close. If you haven't given babywearing a try, do it! You might be surprised by how many opportunities it opens up to you and your family. There's a whole world out there, get out and explore it!

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