September 28, 2015

One Year of Cloth Diapers

One year ago I was a cloth diaper skeptic. I try to be as frugal as possible, so I had looked into cloth diapers when I was pregnant with my first baby, but after seeing the cost, and figuring in all the washing and everything, I thought there was no way they could ever save anyone money. And not to mention, poop, germs, ew! 

For over 2 years we suffered through cheap disposables, daily blowouts, and lots of diapers only worn for 2 minutes before they were pooped in and thrown away. When my second baby was 5 months old, and I had two in diapers, literally throwing away all that money started to really bother me. I revisited cloth diapers, found cheaper ones I was willing to take the risk with, and went for it, figuring I could try it for a couple months to make the investment worth it, and if I hated it I could always quit. 

Well here I am one year later, still using, and loving, cloth diapers. My baby ended up having food allergies so she was primarily breastfed for over a year, which meant really messy diapers. I dreaded every time she was in a disposable because I quickly learned that cloth diapers are bomb proof. I think I can count on one hand the number of blowouts we have had, and those were very small, and usually due to user error. I saw somewhere that you are either dealing with poopy laundry (clothes) or poopy laundry (cloth diapers), and I think that is totally true.

Saving money was my biggest motivating factor to start cloth diapering. but even though I'm not a huge "green" person, I must admit I do like knowing I'm not adding a bunch of diapers to the mountains of trash out there. Even now with a 17 month old, and a 3 year old only wearing diapers at night, we go through AT LEAST 7 diapers a day. That's over 2500 diapers a year!

You might be wondering, what about the poop?! I thought for sure I would quit cloth diapers once my baby started eating solid foods, but thanks to some handy gadgets, dealing with the poop doesn't even really bother me. We LOVE our Spray Pal splatter shield and Sprayer. The few times I have foolishly thought I didn't need to bother using the Spray Pal, I have fully regretted it. Let's just leave it at that ;)

So would I recommend cloth diapers? Yes! They are really so much easier, awesome, and less gross than you would think. If me and my germaphobe  husband can do it, anyone can!

Cloth diapers are cute, easy, save money, and are just all around a good idea. Don't be scared, give them a try! The worst thing that will happen is you'll love them :) 

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